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Bodo Korsig – Zone of Pain

Bodo Korsig – Zone of Pain

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Zone of Pain
28. 06.2015 to 13. 09.2015
Barborská 51 – 53,
284 01 Kutná Hora

… Central to Bodo Korsig’s exhibition at GASK  is his series of monumental woodcuts on canvas conceived as a kind of point-blank dialogue with the poem ‘the new horde’ by Scardanelli, portraying a vision of humanity’s descent into an apocalyptic abyss. In these works we sense both the echoes of primordial violence and a symbolic witness to wildfire conflict in the globalised 21st century. Korsig’s intense discourse with the written word finds its logical materialisation in his artist’s books, a representative selection of which we are also exhibiting. In recent years, Korsig’s existential poetics have found an outlet in video pieces reflecting both lyrical wonder and the disturbing tension between states of bondage and release. These are being shown in GASK’s Silverbox space.

(Richard Drury)





07 Jul 2015